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Balneario Camboriu



Balneario Camboriu is a city and large beach in the Brazilian southern state Santa Katarina. A city is located on the Atlantic coast of Brazil in her south-east part. City, with his steep hills, pulldown to the sea, very popular among locals and arriving in a country tourists from other countries. Main boulevard of city passing at an ocean Avenida Atlantika. Balneario Camboriu is famous a ropeway, that (only in the world) link two beaches of Balneario Camboriu and Laranjeiras.

A city is located in 10 kilometres south of city Itajai and 80 kilometres (50 miles) north of the capital of the state of city Florianopolis, and more than 94 thousand persons have a population, that sharply increases due to tourists and holiday-makers to 700 thousands in daylight saving time.

A city Balneario Camboriu was founded only in 1964, although the first colonists appeared on his territory from 1758. From 1930, due to the favourable location, this district became the popular mestome of rest, and in 2 were here built the first hotel. Balneario Camboriu in translation from the Indian language means the "arm" of the sea.

Ilia das Kabras ("Island of goats") is right opposite of city and too small for a residence, but uses large popularity among tourists.

The basic type of economic activity of city is tourism. In south to part of city there is a ropeway, that connects a tourist complex UNIPRAIAS, central beach and other beaches among that and a beach of Pin is the first official нудиский beach of Brazil.

In city also there is a statue look like Christ of Rescuer in Rio de Janeiro, Кристо is named Луз, but in Balneario Camboriu Jesus is represented with a sun-hat on a shoulder. And as early as city Statue stands on the name of Smile is a pariah-dog at an entrance in restaurant of Kanange, where a dog was fed every day. A monument is sent to the ocean at that a dog conducted all life.He had many friends, and Smile died since got under a machine on the animated highway of city - on a wicked fate a driver was one of his friends.

Tourists and guests, arriving in Balneario Camboriu, are waited by unforgettable rest on the beaches of city, and similarly mass of active entertainments and impressions.


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