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Brazilian Real is a monetary item of Brazil. One Brazilian real consists of 100 sentavo. Brazilian реал was entered instead of previous monetary item of Brazil - cruzeiro. Presently in money circulation on territory of Brazil has going about in of coin dignity in 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 sentavo and 1 Brazilian real, and also bank-papers by dignity in 1 Brazilian reals, 5 Brazilian reals, 10 Brazilian reals, 50 Brazilian reals and 100 Brazilian reals. Code of Brazilian Real on ISO - 4217, official reduction - BRL, symbol - R$.









In 1994 the series of chinks were entered by dignity 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50 сентаво and 1 реал. All chinks are made from stainless steel. They still are the legal means of payment, but from Decembers, 23, 2003 slowly demonetized by the Central bank. On the revers of all chinks of this series the symbol of Brazil is represented is a figure of Republic, and a face value marks on аvers.



In 1998 the second series of chinks are entered in an appeal. Chinks by a face value 1 and 5 сентаво began to mint from a copper, 10 and 25 сентаво from a composition-metal, 50 - from a copper-nickeliferous alloy, 1 real - from a bimetallic alloy (core from steel, external part from a composition-metal). From 2002 coin 50 сентаво also began to be produced from steel. From steel central part of coin is also made 1 real.




For tourists, visiting a country, credit cards are now accepted on all territory of Brazil. Visa is the best credit card in an order cach money through ATM. The exchange of currencies and traveller's cheques can be produced in any city, except the tiniest and remote. It is recommended at a time to truck the necessary amount of money for all week, because unknown where a tourist can go and whether there will be there an exchange office.

Buying cashs, it is necessary to give preference to the bank-papers of greater face value, as an exchange of little sums is often problematic from the banal unwillingness of serving bank to collect for itself the heap of shallow notes.

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