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Basic lines geographies of Brazil are pool of Amazon and Brazilian tableland or plateau. A plateau occupies greater part of south-east half countries. A height of plateau is from 300 to 900 meters, in many places he is crossed valleys of the rivers and not high ghats.

Main ghats of the Brazilian plateau – Sierra-da-Mantikeyra, Sierra-do-mar and Sierra-Jiral. Their height does not exceed 1200 meters usually, however separate tops walk up a height more than 2200 meters. (Pika-da-Baideyra – 2890 meters and Nedra-Aku - 2232 meters).

The pool of Amazon occupies more than one-third of territory. Prevail there plains, and the height of territory exceeds a 150 m rarely. Greater part of pool occupy bogs and flooded поймы, and also thick jungles.

In the north of the Amazonian pool there is a ghat is the Guiana upland - consisting of Sierra-Tumukumake (height to 850 м), Sierra-Akary (to 600 м) and Sierra-Parima (to 1500 м). On a border with Venezuela there is a very tall point To Brazil is a mountain Pika-da-Nablima (3014 м).

The largest rivers of Brazil are Amazon, Madeyra, Tapajos, Riu-Negru, Parnaiba, Uruguay. Amazon is navigable for large ocean courts during a 3700 km.

On territory of Brazil distinguish 6 basic climatic zones: equatorial, tropical, tropical alpine, tropical atlantic, напівзасушливу, subtropical.

The climate of Brazil changes depending on a region, from tropical to moderate. Certainly, there rather hot, what coldly. (Average monthly temperatures 22 - 29°С), only on high east arrays middle temperatures July (in winter) 12 – 14°С. But the mode of fallouts and types of climates are different. On a west Amazonias - equatorial constantly is a damp climate (of fallouts of 2-3 thousand mm in year, amplitudes average monthly temperatures 2-3 °С); on east of Amazonia and adherent declivous slopes both нагорий - subequatorial with droughty by a period to 3-4 months (fallouts a 1 500 - 2 000 mm in a year) with large amplitudes temperatures (especially extreme).

On the northeast of upland fallouts go down a to 500 mm and less in a year fall out extremely irregularly on years; it is a district of frequent and protracted droughts. On to the east outskirts is a climate tropical trade wind, hot and moist, with by a short droughty season and expressed pitch half-lengthness in mountains. On a south upland is a constantly-moist climate tropical - in the cavity of Parana and subtropical on the elevated plateaux south of 24 degrees of south breadth; winter cold winds from a south can cause on a southeast ground frosts up to tropic.

An average annual temperature in Beleme (mouth of Amazon) is in limits from 22° to 31°С. In Rio de Janeiro temperature of January from 23° to 29°With, July - from 17° to 24°С. In some regions winter temperatures go down to - 6° С.

In Brazil the most various vegetation is on earth, especially in pool of Amazon.

Between hundreds of different types of plants palms (exude including hop-o'-my-thumb), begonia, laurel, myrtle, mimosa, mangrove trees.

Among fruit trees: pineapple, fig tree, banana, mango, guava, orange. In regions conifers grow with a temperate climate. In droughty districts are cactuses.

Between the representatives of fauna exude: puma, jaguar, ocelot, fox rare shrub dog. A generous amount is bakers, tapir, ant-eaters, sloths, possums, ironclads. Among napaceous especially made alligator, buchmaster (venomous snake), boa, great number of other snakes.

The bowels of the earth of Brazil are not to the end studied, but even far not complete data about the mineral resources of country testify that they contain the largest supplies of iron, manganese, zirconium, thorium, beryllium, lithium, tantalum, niobium, пьезооптического quartz, jewels and many other minerals. Especially rich in minerals, and first of all by the deposits of high-quality iron-stone, but Brazil occupies the second place the found out supplies of that in the world, districts of the Brazilian upland, being in the state Minas-Jarays.


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