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Angra dos Reis is a modern international tourist resort in Brazil. Solvent habitants of Rio de Jeneiro and tourists from around the world, tired from noise and fuss of own beaches and cities leave in Angra dos Reis for quiet, comfort and chic rest.

Angra dos Reis is in the region of Costa Verde, in 155 kilometres from a city Rio de Janeiro. A resort of Angra is the ideal mestome of rest for nature-lovers, swimming and sport. Not far away from a coast there are 365 most various areally and to topographical descriptions of islands.

In 1556 the first permanent settlement of Europeans appeared in Angra dos Reis - Villa Velia, next to an island Giboya. At this time Angra, as most settlements of country, was under influence of catholic church. Building of church of Igreja Matris began in 1617, made off her only in 1750. A few years after Angra dos Reis became a mestome for a sale and export of gold from Minas Rais and coffee from Paraiba, in addition in Angra grew a sugar-cane in great numbers.

In the end the XIX century, after building of road relating Rio de Janeiro and San Paulu straight, Angra dos Reis appeared on peripheries of trade-routes and was almost isolated. But in the XX century, due to the export of bananas, Angra dos Reis regenerated again.

Angra dos Reis is a magic place, where human imagination goes out outside earth and sets forth for a trip in time. Hotels on resorts are counted on those, who wants really to rest - an atmosphere here is always quiet, personnel - friendly and attentive to the wishes of tourists. The special animation commands will stop holiday-makers missing neither in the day-time nor each evening, they will look after organization of leisure of tourists and guests of city.

Each evening having a rest will not be to miss - straight on territory of hotel they are waited by numerous bars, restaurants and comfortable living rooms with living music, where they will be able fully to relax and forget about all problems.

Here are the hotels of high class, located in solitary green bays, right opposite of sandy beaches.

Water in an ocean is quiet, clean and transparent. The habitants of Rio de Jeneiro, tired from noise and fuss, conduct a weekend and holidays in Angra dos Reis.

A resort is known for also the fields for playing golf and tennis courts. It is here possible to lease a yacht, drive on horse, play in volley-ball. To services of holiday-makers there are all watersportss: windsurfing, water skis, scooters of and other

From port of Itacuruza it is possible to make voyage on a yacht to the numerous tropical islands (them here more than 300). On one of islands, it maybe to feel Robinzone Kruzo, to bite, rest in shade of palms, and then swim and позагорать.

Wonderful beaches with light-blue clean water of the Atlantic ocean will leave staggering remembrances at those, who visited these fairy-tale beautiful places once.


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