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Fernandu di Noronia - an archipelago at the east coast of Brazil consists of more, than 20 islands. Populated from these islands only one, the largest that carries the same name - Fernandu di Noronia.

It is difficult to find the same wonderful place, as Fernandu di Noronia, that is in 350 kilometres, from located on the coast of Brazil - Resife and Pernambuku. Here was all: white-sandy virgin beaches, whimsical rocky educations, quiet turquoise-blue waters of ocean, surprizing variety of the marine ecological system, unusual sky above islands.

This tropical mountainous archipelago, consisting of a 21 most beautiful island, small islands and rocks of volcanic origin, is formed more than 2 million years back. Main islands are part of the Middle Atlantic backbone - to the submarine ghat that makes more than 15000 kilometres. A main island from that a group got the name has an extinct volcanic cone founding of that lies on 776 meters below than surface.

The sizes of main island are small are about 10 kilometres in a diameter and by an area 17 square kilometres, the general area of archipelago makes 26 square kilometres. Rocks with sandy beaches are located along the bank of the west, vast sand-dunes are on east of island, and a freshwater lake is on a south-west. Great number of small sources disappear during December or February - in a dry season.

Morro do Piko is the highest point on an island - 321 meters above a sea level, and offers a magnificent kind on an archipelago, especially at sunset. Most islands beaches are isolated from each other, and it is here possible to find desired - solitude and silense.

From a population here only 3100 habitants, and there is a daily limit of tourists arriving on an island - 500 persons. From 1988, about 70 percents of territory of archipelago were declared the National marine park. The aim of this park is defence of local fauna, flora and marine natural resources. A national marine park is the base of a few research projects, such, as, study of behavior and reproduction of dolphins, planetons of birds, sharks and turtles.

His general area spreads to 113 square kilometres, on the perimeter of islands making 60 kilometres. Today Fernandu di Noronia is a wonderful example, that tourism can be combined with the strict ecological rules of maintenance of nature. The visits of archipelago are limited to the certain number of tourists in a day, that must pay the daily ecological tax of stay in a park.

History of Fernandu di Noronia begins in 1503, when expedition of the Portuguese captain Gonsalo Koelio, arrives at an archipelago, and Amerigo Vespuchi, former the member of crew as a navigator, goes to Portugal, to declare opening. Between 16 and by 18 centuries islands were occupied alternately by englishmen, frenchmen and Dutchmen. To prevent to the return of invaders, Portuguese, since 1736, built ten forts on basic possible directions of landing on dry land, and church, to fix the claims on islands.

All forts were bound by inter se the network of the paved roads. Some ruins still can be seen in a main island. It: Sto. Antonio, Vila dos Remedios, Sao Pedro do Boldro, Parque de Sant'Ana, and N.S. da Conceicao, Vila da Quixaba forts. Fort of Remedios became prison for convict Brazilians in 1832, and archipelago were deforested for prevention of escape of prisoners from islands to the rafts. Presently a vine and shrub breeds prevail from a vegetation, although the secondary forest grew to pieces islands.

A few types of fruit trees were brought in on an archipelago, such as papaya, bananas, kechu, tamarind, and guava. Decorative kinds are presented here, such as: almond tree, jasmin, mango, eucalyptus.

Due to strategic position, Fernandu di Noronia was used as a base of the American troops in the Second world war-time and in a period from 1957 to 1962. On an agreement between Brazil and USA, the satellite station of track of NASA works here. Fernandu di Noronia was under a management soldiery 1981 to and greater part of infrastructure on an island, including an airport, roads, schools and hospitals - dated this period. Today an island lives due to the balanced tourism.

An archipelago got much attention from the side of scientists from around the world; the earliest, sanctified to the study of flora, fauna and geology are works, 1890 is dated a year.

This group of islands has an equatorial climate, with the season of rains proceeding from March for November; and dry season - from December for February. Fallouts a to 2700 mm changes from a 180 mm in a month, monthly on the average about 860 mm. Winds blow from the east, the middle temperature of air makes 26,8С, and a temperature of surface of water is 26,7C. Fernandu di Noronia, in opinion of many specialized magazines, is one of the best places in the world for daywing and snorkling.

Due to clear visibility (to 50 meters) and warm water of ocean this district is the veritable temple of marine life : bits and pieces of ship-wrecks, canyons, volcanic rocks with bright crust sponges, coral educations, permanent largest colony of dolphins are to 1000 individuals, 14 types of reef sharks, tortoise - Hoxbill and green, барракуды and varicoloured fishes of any kind. In off-shore waters Fernandu di Noronia lives 168 types of shellfishes and 72 types of crustaceas.

The best time for дайвинга and submarine swimming from August for December, on the north coast of island, with a kind on a mainland, where bays more protected. In a period from January for March the south coast of island is quiet and perfectly befits for daywing. The best time for surfing from December for February is March waves ideally befit for surfing. Surfers from all parts of the world will open for itself the ideal waves of Fernandu di Noronia, named Brazilian Hawaii.

It is not necessary to expect large resorts here . A guard of environment is here top priority. On this account building of pitch hotels was forbidden on an island, and the terms of life here are some simple. On the other hand, the primitive charm of island is saved, natural beauty compensates the lack of comfort. There are about 70 small hotels that is ranged on the level of the offered comfort, it is here possible to rest at a pool or being under the tree of nut of kechu.

Many habitants offer the rooms adapted to the guest reception. Fish and marine products are to the basic ingredients of dishes that is given in the simple and comfortable restaurants of Fernandu di Noronia. A local traditional dish "tubalhau" is considered is the pie done from meat of shark.

Fernandu di Noronia possesses in a number of beaches, thus two from them are considered the most beautiful beaches of Brazil. One of them - Leon Beach - has a stone as a sea-lion, that gave the name to the beach; it is here possible to find the great number of nesting marine birds on rocks. Local ocean waters have greenish-blue tone and unbelievable transparency. Some beaches have including of rocky educations. Padre Cliff - one of the greatest beaches on an island, his extent is an about 1 kilometre.

In summer he offers excellent waves for surfing to 5 meters; it is in surroundings the forest. Santo Antonio Bay - inundating natural port, where small ships that is used for excursions can become on an anchor. Burako da Rakel - offers natural pools along rocky educations. Porcos Bay - has too much rocks and narrow strake of sand, natural aquariums with the coloured fishes, a step-up his natural attractiveness. Porcos Bay is declared as one the most beautiful beaches of Brazil.

Looking ballet of dolphins at sunset is possible on Bay DOS Golfinhos - about 1000 dolphins return from an ocean, conducting a day in search of food, to rest here.

In 2001 of UNESCO a пречислил archipelago and adherent territories of Fernandu di Noronia are to the list of world heritage.

Fernandu di Noronia is one of the best places on a planet from the unique elements incorporated in a marine ecosystem, and one of the best tourist resorts of Brazil. This isolated place with wonderful beaches, does his setting ideally romantic and has bright marine life is an excellent place for domestic rest, and also offers the submarine swimming as variant of adventure for enthusiasts.


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