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Campinas is municipality in Brazil, included in the state San Paulo. Located on the plateau of San Paulo, in the ghat of Serra da Mantiqueira.

Climate of locality : mountain tropical. In translation from Portuguese Campinas means the "grass fields", that describes his landscape that is alternated by laurilignosas as good as possible.

Quite often Campinas name "Cidade das Andorinhas", that in translating into the English language designates "City of swallows", because this favourite place is in migration of birds. Even on a flag a mythical bird is represented Phoenix.

Campinas is the 11th richest city in Brazil, having a gross internal product in 20,6 milliard of dollars, that makes 0,96 percents from the general index of all Brazil.

Presently in city concentrated near the one-third of industrial production of all state San - Paulu. Mainly, it is hi-tech industries of industry and metallurgy. Campinas also is the large center of trade, with two most shopping centers in a country: Igiatemi Campinas and Trade House "Park Pedro I". In city also there is an international airport of Viracopos, that plays an important role international freight transportations.

Campinas is known on an entire country, as important center of creation and distribution of new technologies. It is necessary to notice that here already more than one hundred years of Campinas related to new technologies, he became the second city in the world, that began to use telephone connection, when in 1883 57 telephone sets were set on all Campinas. In 1887 Don Pedro II the Agricultural institute of Campinas was created, and building of University of Campinas (Unicamp) began in 1962 - to date one of the largest scientific centers of country.

Exactly after creation of university in Campinas such establishments, as Center, were founded on research-and-developments in the areas of telecommunications (CPqD), Center of Researches of Renato Archer (CenPRA), and the National laboratory of synchrotron radiation was recently created.

Campinas is the third largest center of scientific research-and-developments in Brazil, responsible for 11 percents of scientific researches - in accordance with data 2005 year.

Here not so much sights, but here nine, that needs to be visited: Bosque dos Jequitibs is the real rain-forest in the center of city, with a small zoo and museum of natural history, Cathedral 19 centuries, central market, where always a-plenty the most fresh foods from all region; a cultural complex Centro de Convivncia, Castelo (Castle) Water Tower, from where is opened wonderful kind on a city, Historical Railway Society of Campinas and Lagoa do Taquaral Park.

Here are not sunny beaches, such as on the Atlantic coast, but here tourists and holiday-makers will find for itself a calmness and measurement of quiet provincial small town, that for a long time will go down in memory and will bring mass of the positive impressions.


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