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Brazil (the complete name of the state is Federal Republic of Brazil) - is considered one of the greatest areally territory and on the quantity of population by the state in the world. It is on a fifth place among the countries of the world areally and on the quantity of population. It is located in east and central part of continent South America, where occupies her considerable part.

The capital of country is a city Brazilia. Brazilia is the capital from April, 21, 1960 from the moment of move here of public organs and government of country from Rio de Janeyro. The quantity of population of the capital exceeds two with a half million persons.

Most extent from a south to the north more than 4300 kilometres, westerly east about 4000 kilometres. Has general borders practically with all states of South America, namely with Suriname, French Guiana, Venezuela and Guyana in north part, by Colombia on a north-west, Bolivia and Peru in western part, on a south with Paraguay and Uruguay, on a south-west with Argentina. General length of borders on land makes about 16 000 kilometres.

The coast of Brazil is washed from the east waters of the Atlantic ocean, the extent of line of coast exceeds 7400 kilometres.

In the complement of territories of Brazil a few archipelagos enter also, in particular Fernandu di Noronia, Rokas, San Pedru di San Paulu and Trinidadi and Martin Vas.

The total population of Brazil exceeds 200 million persons, that allows to occupy a fifth place on the quantity of population in the world.

The urban population of country makes approximately 74 percents from a general index, it lives mainly in east part of country on the Atlantic coast in cities among that on sizes and quantity of population, except the capital of country, it is necessary to distinguish similarly such megalopolises as Rio de Janeyro, San Paulu, Belo Horizonte, Manaus, Fortaleza, Salvador.

On ethnic and racial to composition the population of Brazil is divided approximately in such correlation: white are 53 percents, mulattoes are 39 percents, negroes are 6 percents, other nations and nationalities are no more than 2 percents.

An official and most widespread language is Portuguese. Other languages and dialects are used, but much rarer, among them it is possible to distinguish English, Spanish and some Indian languages.

On religion christians prevail catholics that make more than 73 percents from a total population, more than 15 percents of population of country behave to protestant religions.



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