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Armacao dos Buzios


Armacao dos Buzios city in Brazil, included in the state Rio de Janeiro. He is yet named in Portugal "Buzios", sometimes pronounced as "Buzius", a "marine shell" means. Indeed, from a height a peninsula reminds a form a shell. It is in 170 kilometres north of Rio de Janeiro on the Sunny coast.

Buzios was open Portuguese between 1501 and 1502 for years. After arrival in a bay Guanabara, where was afterwards founded by Rio de Janeiro, colonialists left to investigate a region. An expedition visited at banks Kabo Frio and Buzios, that got the name Baya Formoza at first, that means "wonderful bay". Only in 1640 power of Portugal finally became firmly established in the region of Buzios. In the XVII century, after completion of the armed spores on his territory, Buzios became shelter of the Brazilian fishermen and whalers. In ХХ eyelid in the economy of Buzios a large role the production of bananas began to play.

Got the world fame of Buzios largely due to an actress Brijit Bardo. In 1964 she was invited in Buzios by Brazilian the friend of Bob Zaguri. Brijit was staggered by beauty and calmness of this hamlet. "If there is paradise on this earth, then this Buzios"! - Brijit Bardo said.

Last years Buzios grew into a chic resort for celebrities. Buzios now is a resting-place of rich elite : the known actors, artists, poets and writers. Water here of pure cleanness, sea quiet, turquoise. The cool flow of Атлантики изрезало an island ten of little bays, what the second name Buzios - Cape of Thousand Persons appeared due to. Each of twenty bays and 20 magnificent beaches, one of the best in a country, will overmaster you the unique beauty and individuality.

In Buzios it maybe to find entertainments suited to every fancy.

All types of aquatics are here presented: the wind-driven sport, дайвинг, surfing, water skis and other great deal.

Great number of street cafes and restaurants located on the central street of city - Rua das Pedras. It is the eldest street. The houses ranged in a before last century cost here. Among them are the modest dwellings of fishermen and real palaces of the Brazilian landed interests. Rua das Pedras decorates statue of Brijit Bardo.

On the beach of Armacao a sculpture is set of three fishermen, pulling a network.

There are two guarded forest arrays on a peninsula, where the rare types of animals and birds live. The forest of Reservas das Emerensias is one place in the north region of Brazil, where yellow-green львиноголовые monkeys are led. In-field Reserve de Тауа can be seen more than 300 types of butterflies and more than 60 types of birds.



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