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Porto Seguro is a small town the municipality in the state Baya, located on east of Brazil on the coast of Атlantic.

History of city Porto Seguro is begun with April, 22, 1500, when Pedro Flvares Kabral opened Brazil. Exactly here in honour opening by Portuguese the first church was built in Brazil of Igreja da Glória.

Originally Porto Seguro was the mestome of booty of "pau-brasil" is an extract of mahogany for making of paint. Today this city grew into an attractive tourist resort.

Besides monuments, churches and building of colonial period, here the wonderful landscape described in historical essays about Brazil. Resorts in the district of Porto Seguro are world-wide youth тусовочными placed, with night life, dances, cafe, by bars by discos and endless ocean off-shore landscapes.

The resort of Porto Seguro includes Arraial d'Ajuda and Trancoso, that is located on wonderful beaches. A bay Porto Seguro is famous the tradition to mark all mass triumphs related to victories of the Brazilian combined team on football. To the guests and tourists simply necessarily to visit a local stadium that differs it by originality of architecture and comfortableness. At this time a yellow-green color here triumphs everywhere: on the roofs of houses and shoulders for fans, on historical monuments and on the branches of palm trees.

The fairy-tale palm beaches of Porto Seguro lately attract all anymore and more tourists and guests of Brazil, that in especially lately extraordinarily much. The relatively small cost of rest attracts besides fairy-tale beautiful nature and clean atlantic beaches of tourists.


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