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Victoria is a city, the capital of the state Victoria in Brazil. The name Victoria is meant by "victory".

"Capixaba" - so name the habitants of the state Espiritu Santu, but also the habitants of Victoria are so often named.

Founded in 1551, Victoria - one of the three Brazilian capitals, based on islands. Island - 45 apt. km areally, and consists of colonial building, ports, beaches, being actually the most island of archipelago from 33 small islands. Islands join by burying of channels and through bridges.

In cities there are the streets and wonderful marine boulevard seated by trees ashore in Camburi are six kilometres for walks or health at run.

Main building is in Victoria - Palacio Anchieta, existing from the beginning of founding of city. At first here was a college, then church, now state government. The church of Sao Goncalo was built in 1766 in jesuitic colonial style; A capital cathedral is built in the twentieth century in a gothic; chapel of Santa Luzia, first building of city, built on a rocky precipice. Also notable church of Rosario, that has a stair with 90 liers and Theatre of Carlos Gomes, built in 1927, as the diminished replica of La Scala is in Milan.

For a panoramic kind on Victoria and Vila Veliu is the first settlement in the state, related to the capital by a bridge, - it is possible to walk up the top of rock of Morro da Fonte Grande (312 meters) in seven kilometres from the center of city.

Rest in Victoria unforgettable employment of any man, that will go down in memory for a long time.



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