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Florianopolis - a city enough that is inhabited by the more than 390 thousand persons of population is located on off-shore islands on the northeast of Brazil.

Florianopolis is the administrative center of the state Santa Catarina.

Florianopolis mentioned often, as Floripa. Florianopolis was based on an island Santa Catarina, there are other two capitals of the states in Brazil, based on islands, : San Luis and Victoria.

Got the name Florianopolis, as a contribution of respect to the marshal Floriano Peixoto, second president of republic of Brazil (1891 - 1894). 1894 to a city was named by Senhora Nossa do Desterro. There are groups of citizens that wish to change the name, asserting that Floriano was a dictator through fault of that hundreds of people perished from the state Santa Catarina.

There are forty two beaches in Florianopolis, presenting a remarkable kind for tourists. Located on an island Santa Catarina, Florianopolis has landscape with lakes, dunes and little islands on all coast.

Attractive waves on banks, such, as Joaquina assist realization of national and international championships on surfing. Beaches, such as Canasvieiras and Jurere with hotels and refined restaurants, compete with the naive charm of banks, Kampese, Ponta dos Naufragados and Solidao.

The row of the fortresses built is coast-wise situated, to resist to encroachment of Spanishes and Dutchmen during 16 and 17 centuries, are the monument of colonization of the state. Among them a fortress of Santa Krus is on an island Anatomirin, fortress of San Jose da Ponta Grossa between the banks of Daniela and Jurere registered, as historical heritage, and Santo Antonio on an island Ratones Grandi. In Pantanu do Sul, also on a coast, there is an authentic fishing village in the primary kind.

Originally colonized by Portuguese of c of the Azores islands, Florianopolis saves many tracks of their stay. A little village of Santo Antonio de Lisboa is the example of architecture of that period, and in the quarter of Ribeyrao do Ilia - oldest part of Florianopolis, habitants still talk on the dialect of Azorean, that is at first difficult enough for a concept. In Ribeyrao do Ilia to be the church of Пречистой Virgo Lapa do Ribeyrao, built in 1806. Lagoa da Konseysao with his numerous dunes, restaurants and seashore evening life - also object of colonial architecture.

Center Florianopolis with his side-streets, rows of typical building, churches and museums, contains many examples of colonial architecture. Among them there is a former governmental palace, presently Museum of Cruz e Souza - on the name of the known poet from Santa Catarina, that formed symbolism motion, and public market built in 1898, where sell food and local wares of handicraft industry under shade of centenary fig tree. Close to the center house, where Victor Meirelles was born, one of authors of the first phrase-book in Brazil.

Building is registered by Institute of historical and artistic heritage and given under Museum of Victor Meirelles.

Approximately an island can be divided into two sectors: in the north the side most visited by tourists and from it the this busiest and with the best infrastructure of services place. The south of island saved heritage of Azorean, that exists with XVIII of century, strongly.

Cookery is based on the gifts of sea is fish, shrimps, mussels that is given in simple restaurants near a sea or in fashionable restaurants in city. Many Brazilians from other states and foreigners that arrive, to settle on an island, brought the refined variety to the cosmopolitan atmosphere of Florianopolis.


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