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She is justly named the country of contrasts : the magnificenttropical forests neighbor with majestic mountains, wild jungles withmultimillion megalopolises, magnificent beaches and enormous rivers with thedeserted plateaux, roaring waterfalls with comfortable quiet ocean bays. Everyregion is the special geographical and ethnic world. Annual carnival in Rio deJaneiro is it the real enchanting spectacle of paints, laughter, passions andvices, who will withstand before these temptations?

Today nobody will remember already, thatoriginally this was the peasant holiday sanctified to meeting of spring. Todayit is an enormous masquerade on that people go down from all over the world.The used for setting fire dance of sambo became main part of carnival. On acarnival all schools of sambo are demonstrated by the mastery. At every schoolin Rio de Janeiro the symbolic line: love, hope, luxuries etc. Musik at everyschool too it, she is written by the best composers.

A self word "carnival" is meant by afestive chariot, exactly she is the main symbol of school of sambo. It can showoneself that a carnival lasts only one week in a year, but it not so.Preparation to him lasts whole year and is sense of existence in Brazil. Brazilbecame an only country in the world, where complete karnival of all lifehappened.

In Brazil all is a-plenty: from the boundlessvirgin forests of Amazon to пампасов on the plains of south of country (pampas aresubtropical steppes), from droughty steppes on a northeast, thorns and cactusesgrow in that only, to the cascade of waterfalls of Iguanasu.

Brazil allows to combine enthralling excursionsand beach rest. A tourist infrastructure develops together with testing gettingup the Brazilian economy. In Рио the hotels of all conceivable categories arebuilt: from a designer on the projects of famous Philip Stark to modestand democratic. The pretentious novelties of civilization did not get to thedistricts of Amazonia: tourists here still live in tropical lojis and houseson trees.

One of the cities of Brazil visited bytourists, undoubtedly, Rio de Janeiro is. His main sight is an enormous statueof Jesus Christ Rescuer, Korkovado located on grief. This mountain is on territory of national parkТижуки. An area of this park is more than three thousands hectare.

Especially attract tourists and guests ofcountry of пляжы of the Atlantic coast, where always much sun, staggeringlyclean sand and emerald water of lagoons and bays.

Brazil is simply created for rest and entertainments!



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