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Foz do Iguasu is a city, that is on the south-west border of Brazil,Argentina and Paraguay. 

He is known for in the whole world the enormouswaterfall of Iguasu. He is named one of seven wonders of the world. Река Iguasuis breadthways 4 kilometres brought down from two basaltic stages in a 72 m high. More than 700 tonsof water are every minute overthrown. Earth slightly buzzes and подрагиваетfrom the crash of falling water. For a few kilometres fog from sparks, that ispierced by ten of rainbows, is visible. The waterfall of Iguasu was open theSpanish conquistador Alvaro Nunies in 1541. Spanish was so punch-drunk seen,that named this miracle of nature the "jump of Saint Maria".

A national park Iguasu occupies an area 170000 ha and located ina 28 kmfrom a city. Here a traveller will see thousands of tropical butterflies,varicoloured parrots, humming-bird, tree-ferns, bamboo and flowering lianas. Tothe waterfall it is possible to reach by land, on air, or on water. Apedestrian path goes up, passing through numerous observant platforms. In theend a lift will deliver you on a top, where the shop of souvenirs and observantpoint are located, for examination of overhead plateau on the river Iguasu.

Excursions are conducted also on helicoptersand on boats to down the river. And all this splendour is located in the middleof wild nature. The atlantic tropical forest approaches straight to the corpsof hotel. For the past years the program of waterfall plugged in itself all newtourist measures. A choice is various and offers the ecological, scientific andcultural types of tourism saturated by adventures. One of the most keenjourneys - to down the river Iguasu.

Boats deliver the groups of tourists to thecanyon of waterfall. The sharp feeling at motion under some waterfalls isindescribable. Some tourists return, again to outlive them in second, third,fourth times. A journey is preceded an adventure to the open jeeps on anational park Iguasu. Guides on two languages explain to the features of localfauna and flora the groups of visitors - during a journey it is usuallypossible to see lizards, birds and plenty of insects. It is possible to admirewaterfalls and from above from a helicopter.

Flight by duration seven minutes presents morewide review of all panorama of waterfall; together with flight above a city andpower-station of Itaypu it makes approximately 35 minutes.

It to the traveller not beach and not seashore,it is a waterfall that the equal in the world are not present. It to thetourist the unforgettable impression!



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