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Salvador - large enough on the quantity of population and occupied area city in north-eastern part of Brazil, being the capital of the state Baya. Complete historically folded name of city San Salvador da Baya di Todus us Santus.

Salvador was founded in 1549. A city, headily developing, quickly grew into a large military marine base and unapproachable fortress of Portugal in South America. 1763 to of Salvador was the capital of Brazil.

From 1500 to 1815 a city experiences the economic getting up, becomes the animated port and one of the most beautiful and rich cities of Brazil.

Salvador is divided by the Lower city that is at the level of sea, and Overhead - on a hill. These two parts are connected by inter se the lift of Laserda dus Rios.

Undoubtedly, tourists and guests of city need to visit El Pelourinho is the historical center of city, entered in the list of objects of world heritage of UNESCO in 1985.

It is similarly needed to pay attention to fortress of San Marcelo, that was erected in 17 century by Portuguese for defence of city.

The church of Nuestra Sagrada Concepcion de la Playa is built in colonial style, is in lower city. Now this place of realization of different religious measures. For tourists and guests of city she always caused enhanceable interest.

A gold church of San Francisco is the most popular church of Salvador. Walls and altar decorate unfinished gold sculptures in baroque.

Interesting museums of city are Museum of African Brazil (sanctified to the African culture) and Archaeological museum of Tacumal.

Night life of Salvador is very various. It is possible to listen living music in some clubs of district of Pelourinho. There are more expensive establishments in the districts of Rio Vermelho and Pituba.

In Salvador, as well as in Rio de Janeyro, a carnival passes every year. Here this continuous street procession, motion of transport on a few days is fully recovered, all dance and sing.

From Salvador it is possible to accomplish a walk in Mata do Sao Joao. It is a small fishing hamlet in 85 kilometres from a city. Here is a famous beach of Praia do Forte and National park Sarapiranga, where it is possible to see very beautiful turtles.

Enormous pleasure will be delivered by a walk on El Pelourinho, where interesting art galleries, comfortable restaurants and great number of souvenir benches, are.

The market of Modelo deserves attention - here are for sale wares of folk trade, exotic fruit. It is possible to see in operations of masters of kapoeyro - Brazilian martial art.

In a word, the visit of Salvador will leave the unforgettable impressions and remembrances for tourists and guests of city.


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